Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Promotion & Posting orders -ASP

Promotion and appointment in the ASPOs cadre of the under mentioned officials
Sl.No. Name of the official, S/Shri- Present posting Posting on promotion

1 Lalit Joshi. ASPOs (Mails) on ad hoc basis in CO Dehradun. ASPOs (Mails) CO Dehradun.

2 Sher Singh Bisht. SDI Ramnagar. Dy. Postmaster,GPO Dehradun, against vacant post.

3 B.S.Bhandari. SDI Pithoragarh. ASPOs Haldwani, against vacant post.

4 Y.S.Aswal. SDI Srinagar. ASPOs (T) Pauri, against vacant post.

5 R.K.Binwal. SDI Lohaghat. Postmaster Haldwani HO, VICE Sh. P.S.Mehra transferred.

Competent authority has ordered following transfers / postings of ASPOs cadre officials on completion of tenure and in the interest of service with immediate effect-
Sl.No. Name of the official, S/shri- Previously posted Posted to Remark

1 P.S.Mehra. Postmaster (HSG-I) Haldwani HO ASPOs Roorkee. In the intt of service vice Sh. G.D.Arya, tfd.
2 K.S.Mehra Postmaster (HSG-I) Nainital HO ASPOs (HQ) Pauri. In the intt of service against the vacant post.
3 G.D.Arya. ASPOs Roorkee. ASPOs Dehradun (East). On completion of tenure, against vacant post.
4 Abdul Aziz. ASPOs (T) Almora. Postmaster (HSG-I)
Nainital HO. In the interest of service vice Sh.K.S.Mehra tfd.

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