Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Agitational Programme for not acceding the demand of upgradation of Grade Pay

No. CHQ/IPASP/SCPC                                                                                                Dated        -02.2011
Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy
Director General
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi 110001

Sub:  Agitational Programme for not acceding the demand of upgradation of Grade Pay of Inspector Posts from Rs 4200 to Rs 4600
Ref: Our letter  No.CHQ/IPASP/SCPC  dated 23-12-2010
Respected Madam,
I invite your kind reference to my earlier letter of even number dated 23.12.2010 (copy attached) in which our Association raised the issue regarding upgradation of Grade Pay of the post of IP and merger of posts  of ASP with IP.
A discussion in detail took place between the representatives of the Association and DDG (Estt.) on 05.04.2010. The Department was convinced about the justified GP of Rs 4600/-. As no positive action was forthcoming, reminders were given to the DOP on 24.06.2010, 09.08.2010 & 07.09.2010. Even then, the Department is indifferent to this issue. All the members of this Association are deeply aggrieved and agitated over the discrimination meted out to Inspector Posts cadre.
It is for your kind information that members of Inspector Posts cadre are law-abiding, peace loving and ever loyal to the Department. We don’t believe in extreme steps like “Dharna” “Strike” etc.  It is unfortunate that the Department is considering favourably  the demands of the service unions which often threaten with notice to strike work. But, genuine and justified demands of Inspector Posts cadre are not listened and looked into by the Department. As a result, our Association has been forced to show its protest in a peaceful and democratic manner.
As I have already informed in my letter cited in the reference, all Inspectors Posts and Assistant Superintendents Posts of this Association, working all over the country, as guided by the Central Working Committee will show our protest against the indifferent attitude/ injustice done to Inspector Posts cadre as per programme given below:
(1)   Wearing of black badges for one day on 18.03.2011
(2)    Demonstration before Circle Head Quarters on 08.04.2011
(3)    Proceeding on mass casual leave for one day on 29.04.2011

Thank you, Madam.

Yours sincerely,

(Roop Chand)
General Secretary


  1. I have always been of the view that we should never hesitate to get justice because bearing injustice is not appreciable at all. I am dedicated to offer my all support to the association for the well being of each and every member of the association. you will find me standing with association ever. It must be ensured that we should not keep quite till our justified demands are met.

    r k binwal
    postmaster haldwani

  2. dear cs
    i appreciate your work. u r the only cs who has published the letter to dte by gs. even gs has not published it on the blog of CHQ which is unfortunate. Our GS should learn a lesson from it.Other CS should also take note of it.